Toronto Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Green for a Day

by Roshan Singh

On the occasion of the 34th Annual St Patrick's Day, the streets of Toronto got covered in green. Bands and community groups from all over Toronto participated in the parade to celebrate Irish culture and History. The chilling and windy weather did not make any difference in the excitement of the march.

The parade started at noon from St George and Bloor and ended at Nathan Phillip Square at around 2:30 PM.

The parade has been an annual celebration in Toronto since 1988.  It had been banned for 110 years before that because of fighting between Catholic and Protestant Irish Canadians.

There was a $15 family pass for this weekend by Go Transit bus to celebrate St Patrick's day. A bus came into the rally with lots of stickers on it and children in it who were wishing everyone Happy St Patrick's day.

Not only people but pets also participated in the parade

The famous Rotary Club also joined the march. The club is well known for its goodwill service.

The biggest celebration is held in Ireland where hundreds thousands of people celebrate the day, which is sometimes 5 days long including a parade, music dancing outdoor plays fireworks.

People from all background participated in the parade with dance and music.


In Ireland there was rainfall but that did not stopped people to participate in the march.

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