This Hot Chocolate Festival will be the best way to spend a cold Valentine’s Day.

By: Jimena Ruiz Martinez

As long as it’s cold outside, a cup of hot chocolate to warm up will always be a good idea and this Hot Chocolate Festival will be the perfect place to get one.

Partnered with The Bay and Bailey’s, Stackt Market will be holding a Hot Chocolate Festival on the Bailey’s patio. The festival will last 10 days, starting with the opening party on Friday, February 11.

At the festival, you will be able to find different and unique hot chocolate flavours such as Orange Hot Chocolate, Bailey’s Cookies & Cream hot chocolate and the Smokey Poblano Hot Chocolate. 

As if hot chocolate wasn’t just good enough at the festival you will also be able to find:

Live music. Starting at 7 pm on the Bailey’s Patio with a set of live music and another set at the Belgian Moon Brewery until 11 pm.

Workshops. There will be some Valentine’s Day activities such as mug painting, DIY floral arrangements and pop art card making.

Smores. You can enjoy your drink next to the fire pit and with some s’mores kits that you can purchase there. BMO will be providing 30 free kits to those who arrive first!

Courtesy of Stackt Market

The entry to the festival is free, but if you are planning to go to the opening party you should register at stackt market website.

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