The Positives and Negatives of COVID-19 on businesses.

Podcast of how to scale an online business.

(Ray of Hope) Creating business during COVID19

A number of people have been leaning towards online businesses due to its high demands during this COVID-19 pandemic, while other physical businesses have to implement drastic measures in order to keep the business open during the pandemic and exercise mandatory safety measures.

Rockel Laing

Rockel Laing who is a wife and a mother . She works within the PSW field and saw the need to start her own online business from within the walls of her bedroom. She created her business with the given name “Beauty Intensity” wanting to service consumers due to the demands of items being sold on the market and also to gain financial independence. While Mrs.Laing amongst other Canadians are venturing off doing online businesses , she still faces her different challenges . Such as , creating a unique website , getting unique product and marketing and promoting to gain customers.While other business are affected by COVID 19 , where staffs had to be reduced and intense safety measures had to be taken not only to protect customers but also the workers. Online business has been consistently target during this pandemic but in a safe and reliable way.                                                                    Meanwhile, other businesses are affected by the pandemic such as restaurants. The supervisor for "Celebrity Chef's" spoke about how they had to close the business for 2 months , limit staff members, run COVID 19 testing procedures and implement physical contact less service etc.

Creating your own Business.

What drives you to open your own online business?

What are the challenges creating your own online business?

How did the pandemic affect your business?

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