The One She’ll Never Forget

May May was adopted from an animal shelter right before she was going to get euthanized

By: Steven Blahut, Student Journalist, Seneca College

May May and owner Summer Connolly getting their photo taken with Santa

10-year-old Bella or better known to most May May was caged up inside an animal shelter her whole life, that’s all she ever really was known to. She was surrendered by her pervious owners while she was only 5 months old, and no one has ever tried to adopt her until one day that all changed.

After hearing the news that she was going to be allowed to bring home a cat for the holiday season 20 year old Summer Connolly was jumping for joy. “I remember when my mom told me after I got home from school one day, she was like if you get the cat it’s your responsibility, you have to pay for the food, the vet trips, etc. I said absolutely no problem.” Said Connolly.

While browsing at the shelter Connolly stumbled upon May May who was right up at the front of her cage, she let out a big meow and immediately caught Summers attention and from that moment on Connolly explains she saw the twinkle in her eye.

Coming day’s after adoption

First days home for new animals are never easy however, if they are young kittens you can teach them more easier than older and stuck in their way cats. For Connolly she explained the struggles of the early days “At the beginning she would scratch the couch or jump on the dinner table, so it was just being patient with her and understanding that she was in the shelter for so long and wasn’t used to a home environment.”

Not everyone was completely on board with the idea 100%, Summers mom Jennifer had her doubts “Although I told her at first she could get a cat, I didn’t know she would pick an older one so, when we got back home I was hesitant at first because May May was in the shelter for so long. However, she has completely won me over and is a member of this family now.” Jennifer said.



With Christmas just around the corner Connolly has done everything she can to make May May feel right at home.

With the day where Santa gathers up his raindeer and climbs down your chimney, Connolly is just hoping that May May has a Christmas that she will never forget.

May May posing with Santa
Summer struggling to get May May out of her cage

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