The Crime Times Episode 1: Missing Persons

The Crime Times Podcast with Alex and Sarah

Hello everyone and welcome to our new podcast The Crime Times, where we talk about anything and everything to do with crime. Don’t worry, it won’t be as broad, we will have a new topic each week.

This week we focus on Missing Persons in Canada. We take a look at some quick facts, the Michael Dunahee case, a recent case (Brianna Bruyere), and our co-host Sarah shares her own personal story.

To report tips on Brianna Bruyere please call the Winnipeg Police Department at (204) 986-6250, or report anonymously.

For up-to-date facts and age progression pictures on Michael Dunahee, go to the website. To report a tip or sighting on Michael, use the Victoria Police’s new web portal.

UPDATE: The Government of Canada has just released a 2021 Fast Fact Sheet on Canada’s Missing after filming the podcastIn the podcast, we only mention 2020 as the most recent. The Data Visuals for 2020 will still be included. For the most recent Fast Fact Sheet, click here.
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Links we referenced in the podcast:

Brianna Bruyere

Winnipeg Missing Persons Site

30 year Michael Dunahee Sketch

Canada’s Missing – 2020 Fast Facts

Canada’s Missing – Pandemic Impacts Publication

Facebook Group – Missing Persons Canada

Data Visual – Number of missing adults in 2020 by province and territory

Data Visual – Probable cause of missing adults by gender

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