Smoking Banned on Campus at Western U

By: Simona Di Nardo 

There are 65 colleges and universities that have banned or are planning to ban smoking on campus.  As of July 1st 2019 Western University will be banning students from smoking on campus. University officials said “Western is working to create a healthier, cleaner environment for those who study, live, work and visit our University.”

Seneca College  has not stated if it will be banning smoking on campus. Gena who is a Seneca at York  student herself says if Seneca decides to ban smoking on campus, she will not be happy because she says we as students are adults and have a right to be free to do what we want and where we want.

George Brown College has already banned smoking on campus. This college banned smoking on August 20 2018. McMaster University has banned smoking on their campus on January 1st 2018.

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