This 26 year old leakage dumped more than 300M litres of waste into Hamilton harbour.


By Gurpreet Singh, Seneca College

A sign that tells people not to swim in the water.The City of Hamilton says 337 million litres of sewage flowed into the Hamilton Harbour since 1996. (Bobby Hristova/CBC )

On Tuesday morning residents found water leakage from a sewage pipeline and later found out that there is a hole in combined pipeline that was leaking into Hamilton harbor. The pipeline was installed in 1996.

In total, the city estimates repairs will cost $17,000 – $29,830 for realignment of the sewer, $9,830 for onsite vacuuming of combined wastewater, and $3,000 for road restoration.

Drinking water is not affected but this leakage is definitely harmful for the environment of harbor.

                      The steel mills in the Hamilton waterfront harbour are shown in Hamilton, Ont., on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

This leakage caused waste from 50 homes to spill into Lake Ontario.

Hamilton Mayor Andrea Horwath told reporters Tuesday she’s called the city auditor to investigate the circumstances of the leak and provide a full public report upon completion.

“What I want to see, what we need to see as Hamiltonians, is some evidence as to how this occurred and was able to go undetected for this length of time,” Horwath said.

“It appears the consultant involved in that work was under the impression all the sewers in that area were storm sewers and they designed a direct connection to a box culvert that leads out to Hamilton Harbor,” Winters said.

“The repair work and realignment of the sewer was completed on Nov. 23 at 9:32 pm, and all sewage is now flowing into the Western Sanitary Interceptor and all appropriate repairs to the combined sewer have been completed,” it said in a statement issued Monday.

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