“Rust” Script Supervisor Sues Over Set Shooting

By Elijah Hartman

The fatal gunshot on the “Rust” set wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place.

When actor-producer Alec Baldwin fired a gun wasn’t approved for the scene, but he would’ve had no idea such an accident would lead to a colleague dying in transit from the dusty set at Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Who is at fault in this preventable tragedy?  “Rust” script supervisor Mamie Mitchell alleges the fatal shooting was due to broken protocol, primarily by Alec Baldwin.

Halyna Hutchins, who was tragically killed over 4 weeks ago on the New Mexico set of “Rust” had a promising career cut short by human error.

According to the assistant director, the gun that killed her was supposed to be “cold”, meaning unloaded and cleared to be used on set.

Baldwin had neglected to test the gun beforehand and fired at the on-set cinematographer from close range. Hutchins was 42.

Also facing the fall-out of this disaster is Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Gutierrez-Reed is the daughter of Thell Reed a respected industry weapons expert and exhibition shooter. “Rust” was her second production as an armourer. The 24-year-old armourer was blamed for the incident by David Halls, the assistant director. Gutierrez-Reed had claimed she checked the weapons for live rounds and found none.  According to her attorney, the fact the live round was in the box of dummy rounds indicated foul play. She is among several “Rust” crew and producers being sued for negligence. The only other person known to have touched the firearm that tragic day was David Halls. The same man who gave Alec Baldwin the loaded gun and was reportedly neglectful of safety concerns. Halls was allegedly fired from the “Freedom’s Path” production in 2019 following a gun discharge that injured an elderly cast member.

Mamie Mitchell was the first to call 9-1-1 following the shooting. Mitchell led the charge of “Rust” legal action with a media press conference this Wednesday.

Mitchell is seeking compensation for the trauma caused by Baldwin’s actions.

There is currently no word from the defendants or their representatives.

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