Queen holds special military meeting at Windsor Castle

Maria Mederos. Toronto. November 17, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II was finally seen in person after spending a night in the hospital, and missing the National Remembrance Sunday due to a sprained back. She met with the British military’s chief at Windsor Castle on Wednesday. General Nick Carter is preparing to leave his military role at the end of November, and although the Queen hasn’t been well, she wanted to acknowledge him for his duty.

Courtesy: USA Today

When the meeting was announced the public was worried for the monarch’s health, especially after October when she was recommended by doctors to rest for two weeks. However, according to The Washington Post, during the chat with the General, she looked well, wearing a dress full of flowers and accompanied by her dog which was sitting next to her.

After almost 70 years on the throne, the 95-years old Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022, marking her as Britain’s longest-lived monarch. She keeps resting and working from her home in the West of London. That’s the reason why she won’t attend the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, or her trip to Ireland. For the U.N. she’ll instead send a video message.

































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LONDON – Queen Elizabeth II has met with the British military’s
chief of staff at Windsor Castle, the first time she was seen
carrying out a face-to-face engagement since she missed the national
Remembrance Sunday service due to a sprained back. The 95-year-old
the monarch looked well as she chatted with Gen. Nick Carter at Windsor
Castle on Wednesday. She stood to welcome Carter, who is preparing
to step down from his role as the chief of the armed forces at the end of
November. Concerns about Elizabeth’s health surfaced when she spent
a night in a London hospital after being admitted for medical tests
last month and subsequently canceled plans to attend the U.N.
the climate summit in Scotland.
(The Associated Press)

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