Prime Minister to visit BC in aftermath of Abbotsford flooding

Flooded homes in Abbotsford / by The Canadian Press

By Alonzo Aldaba

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be visiting Abbotsford in British Columbia, to see the damage caused by landslides and flooding from nearly two weeks ago. He will also be meeting with Premier John Horgan in Victoria. This comes after Justin Trudeau’s emergency debate in Parliament on Wednesday, where he states that the extreme weather is a sign that the impact of Climate Change has arrived sooner than expected.

Aerial photos of flooding / by Daily Hive

(Video by Global News)

As of now, 6 people are confirmed as dead, or remain missing, as a result of the flooding, while more than 180 have managed to be rescued. Other areas of British Columbia have been heavily impacted by the previous storm, such as Fraser Valley, which has faced 44 to 55 milliliters of rainfall since yesterday.

The heavy rains started on Saturday, November 13th, and have continued since the following days. On the 14th, the BC government ramped up flood warnings, just as nearly every major highway closed  due to the heavy rainfall. By the end of the first week hundreds of Canadian Armed Forces personnel arrived to provide disaster relief.

There has been some initial recovery from the flooding as of this week, with a major section of the Trans-Canadian Railway being re-opened, followed by Highways 1 and 3 being cleared up. However, more storms are expected to hit BC, with Environment Canada saying that from tomorrow to Sunday, Abbotsford is expecting 80 milliliters of rainfall, as people in the region prepare for more upcoming storms.


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