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Stray Dog Saviour

In a small town of India, lives Sahil Sharma a 22-year-old youngster who is an animal right activist, and feeds and rescues street dogs. India is a home to millions of street dogs and thousands of them die due to hunger each day. He has been feeding street dogs from around 8-9 months, and even during the lockdown period when people couldn’t step out of their homes.

Sahil tells us how it began. He once went to a friend’s home who used to feed stray dogs, and this is where the journey started. He thought that if they can then why can’t he do this. According to Sharma, animals too have equal rights and deserve to live on this planet as much as humans do.

“I have no formal support from government and as other typical Indian parents my parents too do not support me in this”.

 His parents were not that supportive and wanted him to focus more on studies rather than doing social work. Sahil never disappointed his parents. After finishing all the socio-environmental work, he used to manage his studies at night, and he will become a registered pharmacist in next 3-4 months.

His journey has been inspirational. Despite the less support from his parents, Sharma says that his community members and neighbours have been very supportive. When he first started feeding dogs, he just had 50 rupees on him but had a strong motivation. He used to put status on WhatsApp and used to go door to door to raise funds.

At the time when whole country was struggling and was under lockdown, Sahil used to travel across his society to rescue and feed strays. People generally see the success and do not see the hardships behind it. Sharma likes to fight for the truth and justice and says that he fears no one who does injustice to anyone.

Sahil is not only an animal right activist, but he is also the first climate activist of Punjab. He plants a lot of trees and also fight against the people who cut trees. He is working to make India clean and a green place.

India is one of the world’s most polluted country. Due to increasing carbon footprint we need to work  together for the environment”.

 Not only all this, but Sharma also supports veganism. He says that consuming animal product is cruel, as it is responsible for animal exploitation and disturbs the Ecosystem. A lot of people are against him for supporting veganism as it is a very subjective topic, but he has high hopes that he will be able to achieve this one day.

Talking about his future plan, Sharma wants to make his NGO 'Salute the Trees Trust'nationwide. For this he needs more help from the community. He is also doing a lot of fundraisers and believes that his dream to make a nationwide NGO one day will be surely fulfilled. He also plans to donate one tenth of his monthly income towards socio-environmental activities

People like Sharma are a motivation for all of his. After interacting with him we get a lot inspiration and motivation. We need more people like him to make this world a better place to live.

Sharma building a dog house




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