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Pizzeria da Mario: Serving slices with smiles on the side

By - Vippin Babu

Game nights, birthday parties and date nights almost always include sharing doughy deliciousness with your loved ones. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world and arguably the best handmade gift given to many countries by Italian immigrants. The options range from an age-old Neapolitan to the questionably innovative Hawaiian. However, finding the perfect pizza place which serves succulent yet authentic pizzas could be a task which would set one on an adventure.

Nestled away in the heart of downtown Toronto, Pizzeria da Mario is an Italian family-run store which brings the original taste to town.
Mateo Trashani, 25, works alongside his family six days a week, curating new flavours for the menu which is a huge hit among the locals. Mateo is often seen mingling with customers, making sure everyone is having a good time and enjoying their pizzas.

"It's the best slice of Pizza to grab after a long day of work. The whole family is sweet and the pizza is as authentic as it gets" - Martin

Mateo Trashani is always experimenting with flavours.

Although the store is doing great and attracting more customers every day, Mateo feels that it has become a routine for him and he misses enjoying a decent slice of pizza without looking at it and thinking about his business.

"I just want to do my thing, you know? I am satisfied and the numbers are great but I often miss having a slice of pizza and feeling the magic it's supposed to make me feel. Everyone walks into the store and claims that the slice of pizza is heavenly but I have stopped feeling that way because it's all just work for me but I love that I could make the customers feel that way"- Mateo

All the raw materials are bought from within Canada and Mateo mentions that the search for authentic Neapolitan pizza could be a tiring one as people don't understand that certain strict regulations have been built around making one. He affirms that the pizza from their store might not strictly be Neapolitan but it is definitely made the way it is made in Italy; by balancing the right flavours and the dough's consistency.  Mateo dives deep into explaining the intricacies of authentic pizza, in the podcast "Slice Of Magic"

The store's ambiance is welcoming and cozy, with dim lighting and soft music that sets the mood for a relaxed dining experience. The walls are adorned with a colourful poster of Super Mario, suggesting the name of the shop and pictures of pizzas that will make your mouth water. What sets Pizzeria da Mario apart from other pizza stores is their excellent customer service. The store is open till 3:00 am and one can always have a cheerful friendly conversation with the whole family and get to know more about their Italian roots and the culture they bring to the table. Whether you're dining in or getting a delivery, you're guaranteed a satisfying experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Mateo explores a deep emotional ambivalence about the pizza store

Mateo talks about how it all started and explains that he is looking for a magical slice of pizza to come back to his life.

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