Dating apps market grows every year in Canada since last decade

“I was rather new in Canada at the time and was looking to expand my social circle a bit.” Shared Claire Venette, one of the 36 % of Canadians using an online dating app.

Evolving in a society where technology takes over, it is now more common to find people registered on dating sites looking for their better half. In Canada, the most popular dating apps are Tinder, Bumble, Clover, and Badoo. This is on one of those websites that Claire Gadikian found the man of her life, “My now-boyfriend was working quite a lot at a startup and didn’t have time to try be mingling in the singles scene. We both took a risk and gave Badoo a shot. I ended up exchanging messages with one or two people, he went on a couple of weird dates. Then one fateful day he sent me a message, I was intrigued and responded.” 

For Claire and for many others, looking for love online can be pursued as a safer way to meet someone because they can see directly if they are interested or not by choosing the profile and the picture of the people they like on the app. But the concept of finding love online can also be a fear for others because people can easily lie on the internet. In Canada, 53 % of people lie on their online dating profile and their most common lies are about age, height, weight, job, and income. Despite this negative aspect, people are not afraid to try to find love on the internet and they continue to subscribe to a dating app, in fact, according to research investigation IBISWorld, the dating app market has grown $6M per year since 2010 in Canada. 

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