Carnival Roots A Dynasty Collective

By Daxnie Desmoulin

In a world where everything comes at an expense Dynasty Collective is trying to create low-cost opportunities for the youth in the community of Toronto to experience the Caribbean culture. Dynasty Collective was first established by an empowering woman by the name of Aisha Grant.



It takes a selfless individual such as Aisha Grant to bring the Dynasty Collective to life on her own. The act of selflessness is one of the most valuable contributions an individual can make to improving the chances of a society. Aisha Grant directly contributes every cent to the company.

Aisha Grant has been giving back to the community for many years as a volunteer, a youth group mentor and now as the president of a small non for profit organization. Her journey to giving back to the community began with her upbringing. Aisha grant was raised in a warm and loving Christian home where one of the principles and morals of that lifestyle is that “you take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.”

“one of my closest friends, when it relates to our work with our youth who are involved in the carnival arts, when my closest friend is an amazing chef. And she one day said to me, oh, you know, I don't do anything. You guys spend all this time making the costume and I do nothing. I say you are integral to our team. Because you're the one who shows up with the food. We don't ask you, you just come and you show up. And we make sure that we are fed. And that we are you don't water because you bring us drinks and that work is so important.” Aisha Grant-  All forms of assistance are welcome.

Through all her years of helping others, Aisha Grant realized that many people miss out on many opportunities in life because of financial barriers. Therefore she created her organization to remove the pressure of monetary barriers for less fortunate families and, more specifically, youths. Currently, her non for profit focuses on giving youth an environment where they can participate and learn about the Caribbean culture and community through the biggest festival in Toronto.


“So this is where it comes into kind of getting the young people involved at the various stages according to their interest and talent levels, on all aspects. So whereas the first time the first year somebody comes in, they probably are not going to be involved with designing the bikini but once they've worked with us for a couple years, they probably have some ideas and they say hey, how can we do this and we can look at it making sometimes there are ideas will be implemented into that design.” Aisha Grant- The designing process a future bright mind.


“Even my son, I'm very happy and pleased that he did have a liking to it. You know, I didn't, he kind of was forced into it. But I never made it so that he had to no matter what. But you know, put him in it. The first couple of times, he said he enjoyed it, we continued on, he's now very much involved. He looks forward to it. He's he's kind of like my right hand man. And honestly, when I'm doing things that I would not be able to do with what I do, without his support and seeing him go from maybe, to now, a young man who loves his cultural heritage pitch and wants to share it with others, is just so beautiful, and so pleasing.”


As part of the process leading up to the final parade, each child is involved in a number of events and experiences. From costume creations to barbecue cookouts. Every moment, the Dynasty Collective creates an atmosphere of cultural frenzy. Aisha Grant hopes that through the Dynasty Collective, she will be able to reach out to more children and families to continue her work.


In addition, if you are interested in participating in the parade, please go to the website of the festival management committee. They are the organizers of the parade. All other mass bands will have links to their websites. Afterwards, you can learn how to participate and perhaps volunteer with one of the mass bands. Perhaps you will be able to get a discount on your costume.



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