Back To Back Wins For Seneca’s Men’s Basketball

By: Gerry Sofos


On Saturday afternoon Seneca college men’s basketball team played La cite Coyotes at  Newnham Campus. Seneca came out strong for the second game in a row, leading by 16 points at the half. Sting won the game by a score of 76-56.  Jayden Anderson led the way with a team high 16 points. Marcus Bonnick and Jake Ohana both scored 10 points.  Anderson averages 5.6 points per game.  Seneca improved its record to 11 wins and 3 losses. It was Seneca’s second win in a row after beating Algonquin the night before.   La Cite Coyotes are till without a win this season, falling to 0-15.  Seneca dominated the play and really kept growing in confidence as the game went on.  Coyotes shooting a percentage of 24 percent and 6 of 25 from the 3 point range.

Elijah Green was monitoring an injury in the game.

“Honestly with adrenaline you kind of roll with it”. He also said he is used to playing through injury and said “You know at least if I can get up and walk off  how I wanted to walk off that’s enough confirmation for me to know that I can finish the game.” He certainly showed that by getting 8 points, 5 rebounds and 2 steals to end the game.   Seneca was 76.5 percent from the free throw line which helped them a lot.  This was Seneca’s last home game. The Sting finish the season with four road games, starting with St. Lawrence on Friday.


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