York Strike Affects Seneca Students

By Jason Mclean with video files from Dean Inacay and Harrison Haines

Seneca@York Students will still be expected to attend their classes as scheduled as the York University strike has not affected Seneca@York classes. But the real issue that has impacted Seneca students is maneuvering around the campus. Picket lines have obstructed the main entrances into the Keele St campus and have made it difficult to get onto the school grounds. Public Transit bus routes have been affected by the pickets and it is recommended that students find alternative ways to get to school such as the new York University Subway line. On the Seneca website there are tips on how students can approach the picket lines:

  1. preparing for delays and stops at York University entrances and exercising patience to safely get past the picket lines.
  2. If your operating a motor vehicle please continue to practice caution and operate your vehicle in a safe, respectful and lawful way.
  3. Consider carpooling to reduce traffic.
  4. If the picket line is preventing you from making it to school on time explain politely your are exercising your right to attend classes or conduct business on campus.

S@Y Students Have Their Say

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