Travel Hacks For The Wandering Spirit

By: Kaitlin Narciso

Gearing up to get going? Here are my favorite travel hacks to help you on your next adventure!

Roll your clothing when packing your suitcase! This technique will help save you a ton of space and give you a better view of all your clothing options if you decide to keep your clothing in your luggage rather than unpacking.

Tuck your socks into your shoes or into your bras. Your socks will help keep these items from getting too squished and better keep their form.

Always pack an extra outfit in your carry-on. On the off chance your airline misplaces your luggage, you’ll at least have something to change into that you weren’t travelling in. If I am travelling somewhere hot, I always bring an extra bathing suit in my carry on so that I can still enjoy the water while the airline locates my bags.

DO NOT pack ANYTHING you cannot afford to lose in your checked bag! Carry on all your prized possessions. Truth is, your suitcase will pass through a lot of hands and get tossed around. If you don’t want it to get stolen or broken, carry it or leave it behind.

Photocopy your passport. I always bring two copies along with the legal document whenever I travel out of the country. I keep my actual passport in my hotel safe, one photocopy I carry on me in my purse, and one I leave in my suitcase. Although it is never good if something happens to your passport, having a spare photocopy can be a lifesaver when crossing the border back home.

Eliminate bulk from your wallet by taking out any spare cards and receipts you wont need on your trip. I have a day-to-day wallet and a separate travel wallet. My travel wallet is small and versatile enough for me to keep in any and all of my purses or even my back pocket. When I travel I carry only my driver’s license, my debit card, a credit card, my health card, and a minimum of $50 (US). If you’re an Apple user, make use of the Wallet app and upload your cards into your phone for quick tap & go purchases. Why is it important to travel with American cash? Fraud happens. It’s unfortunate but it’s true. If you ever experience bank fraud abroad you will get blocked out of your accounts and your cards would thus be rendered useless. Having cash, US dollars in particular, is important because you never know when and if this will happen to you. The American dollar is a widely accepted currency and can act as buffer money to get you out of a pickle, say you need to pay a bill, take a taxi back to your hotel or get to a bank to remedy the situation.

→ If your suitcase is generic looking (black, brown, blue) tie a colorful ribbon on the handle to make it easy to spot when it is on the luggage belt.

Utilize travel companies’ apps! They can save you money when booking trips or excursions and also help keep your adventures organized! For instance, booking on the Expedia app will garner you more travel points than if you book over the phone or on their website. If you also book off the Expedia app, all your travel information will upload in the Trips folder. You can easily access all your flight documents, additional excursions you’re participating in, and manage all your bookings straight from this folder. Make sure to create accounts with your favorite travel companies because most have reward programs. Ensure you are always booking through your account to gain points and watch them roll on in. Trust me, these points add up!

Safe travels and if you have any additional travel tips, feel free to share them with us in the comment section!  

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