Her Struggles in Her Words-Episode 1

By: Afifa Umair & Natasha V.

Sense of Belonging

Yulissa Campos



Yulissa Campos is an Ecuadorian- Canadian emerging theatre artist and founder of Ay, Caramba! Theatre, currently based in Saskatoon.  When Yulissa is not acting or producing, she teaches drama and works with the newcomer community. Yulissa was nominated in 2020 for the SATAwards for Outstanding Emerging Artist and loves to write stories that connect with the underrepresented voices. Yulissa celebrates her Latinx heritage in her plays and her podcast on Spotify “Latinas in Stoon”. Moreover, she did her international debut with her play I, Frida at the M1 Singapore Festival in January 2021.

Afifa Umair


Natasha V.


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