As weed is legalized across Canada, Seneca College is meeting the legal requirements under the Cannabis Act to maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all the students. Keep in mind that Seneca permits smoking cannabis only in the existing designated smoking areas around the campus. Seneca College encourages safe use of cannabis and students must follow the rules as outlined below.

  • Cannabis is to be smoked or vaped in public, following similar rules to tobacco, students age 19 years and older are permitted to smoke cannabis only in our existing designated smoking areas.
  • Seneca employees, part-time student employees, are prohibited by law from consuming recreational cannabis on any Seneca property.
  • Seneca encourages the safe consumption of cannabis and students must adhere to Seneca’s Student Code of Conduct.
  • All students must make responsible decisions
  • If a student’s behavior could affect our operations, Seneca will take immediate action to preserve a safe, positive learning and working environment.
  • Students that are involve operating machinery or equipment, must be particularly careful not to be impaired.
  • Medical cannabis will continue to be subject to different rules than recreational cannabis.

Students, as much you might be excited for the legalization of weed today, please be aware to use cannabis in a safe way. If you have questions or concerns about your safety and well-being,  Seneca Security is available 24 hours a day to assist and guide you to the right resources.

And for further questions you can contact the



By: Khujesta Zabardast for S@Y News


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