Lucy Santos is now running a new online course for women at North York Community House

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By Andrea Martinez.
North York Community House is a multi-service center that was founded in 1990. This agency serves, people around the North York area, the GTA, and newcomers in Canada to get involved in Canadian society. They offer plenty of programs and one-on-one services.
That is where Lucy Santos has been working for the past twenty years as a settlement and gender-based-violence worker. Lucy arrived at the no-profit center when a friend told her it could be a good idea to participate and after only a few months of volunteering lucy said that

“I liked it and I stayed, the manager of the women’s circle offered me a position as an art and craft facilitator, so she asked me to trace a plan and to do some art and to show her and she hire me right away for 3 hours a week” Lucy stayed as an art and craft facilitator but also worked as a settlement worker helping on many programs and, within the women circle as a gender based-violence education worker. “I am very skilled with my arts I am a very skilled person”

Lucy continued participating in the program Women learning circle and explains what was and is the focus of this program.

“For women to understand what her rights are here in Canada, what they have to do when they are in an abusive situation, the kind of abuse they have experienced with their partners and the situations when they have to call the police at home”

They implemented many courses, programs, and activities where they offer different types of activities for women while they implement all the knowledge mentioned by Lucy.

What is Lucy’s current project about?
Lucy is running an art group online for women since 17 February of this year called Women learning circle arts and crafts, where the same dynamic of women learning circle is going on. But now Lucy offers her abilities and skills with art, to offer a therapeutical escape for those women who suffered from difficult situations such as gender violence.

While this class is going on and women are being creative, the program provides information and knowledge for women like the one mentioned before by Lucy.
“Half an hour about talking about issues and conversations with the, and another half an hour is to create crafts and arts”
The next class is starting on April 28, and people can join by their website at NYCH, “it is important that people are committed to the program” Lucy mentioned that she provides and buys the material, and her co-worker drives to the participant’s houses to drop the material for the women to be prepared for the class. “so, it is important they are committed.”

Lucy said that women who are interested they can contact her any time.

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