Lip Sync from Around the World

by Samantha Atakpah and Katelin Hypolite

Seneca Newnham campus hosted a fun lip sync fundraiser in its cafeteria. This is one of many events that took place to raise money to help support students with financial aid and college initiatives.

The teacher of Developmental English course Rose Caruso ran the lip sync fundraiser that involved her students. The students put on a show and went all out by lip syncing not only English music but different cultural music, from Punjabi to Spanish there was no shortage of diversity here.

Rose wanted to raise money for students who are going through financial hardship. Rose said, “I think it’s a great way to get involved and understand about the community as well as philanthropic activity to give back to community”.

Fabio was a part of the lip sync competition. He lip sung with some of his classmates to Si Tu Te Vas by Juan Luis Guerra. Fabio said, “we have a lot of blessings and there’s got to be some time when you have to give back to other people”.

This shows that what Rose is trying to do by spreading awareness on financial hardship is having an impact and making a difference on her students.

Overall the event was successful, Rose and her students raised over $225.00. All the funds will go to supporting students with financial hardship

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