Japanese Canadian Cherry Blossoms in Toronto

By Emi Takahata


Beginning in late May,  cherry blossoms show off their beauty. Cherry Blossoms, also known as Sakura have long history In Toronto. According to the Sakura High Park website, the first Cherry Blossoms came to Toronto from Tokyo Japan in 1959.

A Japanese ambassador donated them to Canada for their support of Japanese-Canadian refugees after the Second World War.

Since then, City of Toronto launched the “Sakura Project”  with the Consulate General of Japan. The project aimed to plant 3,000 Sakura in Toronto.

High Park

Many people enjoy their moments under the trees like Steven Joniak who is the administrator of Sakura High Park website. He said he just fell in love with Cherry blossoms when saw Sakura for the first time.

Even though the Sakura Project achieved their goal, a member of a Japanese married couple has kept donating cherry blossoms here since then.



Here is Chako Setoyama San’s story about why she and her husband keep planting trees here.

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