It’s finally that time of the year in which we celebrate love!

By Osheen Pahwa

It is going to be the first valentines day after Covid in which we are not in a lockdown which means this valentines you can take your special one out for a dinner date or even to the hot chocolate fest being held in Toronto, ON that will last for ten days starting 10 February, 2022.

Fun Valentines day Facts

Since Valentines day is a day that is largely celebrated by almost all groups of the society regardless of the age or their schedules thereby everyone likes doing a little something for their loved ones either during the valentines week or during the valentines day itself. However Tanisha Takkar, a Cambrian college student thinks otherwise as she shares her thoughts on celebrating Valentines day with Say@News. ” I think everyday is special when you love someone so giving importance on a specific day is not fair so I try to put efforts in my relation everyday specially now that I am in Canada and it is a long distance relationship.” says Tanisha.

Tanisha Takkar, 20 yrs old

Long distance relationships can sometimes be hard and challenging and can also demand for you to put in that extra effort. Tanisha suggests everyone celebrating this valentines day away from their partners to take out some time for them and make it special for them. ” it’s all about time and effort so even when you are away you can always take out that extra hour to go on a coffee date through a video call or send them a gift as a token of your love at least that’s what I’m going to do.”

Indeed a little effort with some flowers on the side never hurts anybody. not to forget exchanging flowers is a beautiful way of expressing your love and is something that wouldn’t be a nightmare for your pockets as well. Thomas Watson who is studying architecture in university of Toronto talks about celebrating Valentines on a student budget. ” I contribute towards my tuition along with my parents so I recently paid my tuition as a result of which I m gonna keep this valentines day low-key in terms of exchanging gifts but I will focus more on expressing what I truly feel in the best way I can also my girlfriend doesn’t care about the gifts so it’s a win-win for me :p ” says Thomas in a conversation with Say@News.

we also went ahead and asked both Thomas and Tanisha about the most romantic thing their partners did for them and their replies put us in an awwestruck moment. Tanisha shared with us how his boyfriend arranged a really formal dinner date for them last year on valentines day in which he exchanged an old family ring with Tanisha which made her teary eyed. ” it was the first time I felt this special and important, it just felt too good to be true in that moment.” says Tanisha.

Thomas also told Say@News about how his girlfriends arranged to decorate the entire room with their pictures and candles out of the blue just because he was feeling a little low. ” Having someone who notices the small things in your life and goes that extra mile to make you smile is something that means the most to me and I cannot forget that.” says Thomas.

Well here’s hoping for all our readers to have a Valentines day filled with love and surprises.

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