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By: MacLeod Roy & Dean Inacay

Update: The Deal is signed

William Nylander has agreed to a six year 41.1 million dollar contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs minutes before the deadline. The 22-year-old Swede will play his first game back on December 6th 2018 against the Detroit Red Wings. The Leafs are currently 20-8-0 and sit second place in the Atlantic division, they also have scored 40 points this season, the second most league wide.


Nylander Watch Update

Yep he still hasn’t signed yet and Elliott Friedman believes this is the beginning of the end, and that this will be his last season as a leaf if he signs or not.


Some Leafs fans feel William Nylander has extended his summer vacation for way too long. The Toronto Maple Leafs have until December 1st to end a dispute that many feel has lasted longer than the two Koreas. And some Leafs fans are increasingly prepared to accept a “Willieless” future. Since July 1st, Nylander’s contract has been in limbo. As a restricted free agent, if the Leafs don’t sign him, he won’t play at all this season. At the start of the season Leafs GM Kyle Dubas said on keeping Mitch Marner, Austin Matthews, Jon Tavares, and Nylander “We can and we will.”

But  to many it’s beginning to seem like he can’t and he won’t.

Twitter has become a hostile environment for Willie as fans have become fed up with the forward’s demands to be paid…. something to the tune of 8 million. The organization sees Nylander as more of a 5 or 6 million type of player.

But there’s more to this story

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^This guy. He’s stepped into Nylander’s former role quite well. Kasperi Kapanen has got 14 points in 19 games this season. In Nylander’s first season he had 13 points in 22 games, eerily similar numbers. Fans and media have taken notice too.

Toronto has a difficult choice to make: Nylander AND Kapanen or just Kapanen? And if no Nylander do they trade him for an additional piece. Right now, the Leafs are 13-6-0 through 19 games, 2nd in the conference. Many wondering if Nylander is essential to the future or if the franchise is better served making a move for a defenseman. Only time will tell but until December 1st, the debate rages on.

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