Taking the Stairs for a Good Cause

by San Veliz

At the CN Tower you have different types of employees, there are managers, guests services and photographers.

Liana Antonacci is a photographer at the CN Tower, and twice a year she laces up her shoes and takes part in the CN Tower Climb.

This past weekend, the World Wild Life Foundation held its CN Tower Climb for Nature, which takes fundraising and raising awareness to new heights.

“WWF holds a special place in my heart as I love animals and nature. I climb in memory of my dog, Nicki that passed away”.

Liana has a history of volunteering. Her volunteering spans more than ten years from the Zonta Club which helps the fight against violence on women, to helping out on political campaigns in the GTA and now the United Way and WWF.

Photo by www.partypix.ca

Liana takes part in the climb on her own, but she has her girlfriend and family supporting her.

Liana has been doing the climb for almost 4 years now.  She also does the annual climb for United Way. This past weekend was her seventh time climbing the  1776 stairs.

“Two climbs in a year is not too strenuous.”

“When it’s time for the climb, I make sure I’m registered”

Participants young and old come from all over the GTA to Toronto’s tallest landmark for the challenge.

Liana took part in the Elite Climb, competing for the fastest time.

While she beat her previous record by a few seconds, she admits she was way behind the fastest time this past weekend, which was 10 minutes and 24 seconds.

The World Wildlife Fund is a non-governmental organization that raises awareness of the impact on the environment.

This year, the two-day event raised over 1.4 million dollars.

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