St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

St Patrick's Day Parade Coverage


      Celebrations of St Paddy's began "A wee" early in Toronto this year. This past Sunday marking the 32nd annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in the city.   Just outside St George Station on Bloor St, the march began with sounds of bagpipes, snare drums, and bass drums setting the pace. People of all ages stood by on both sides of the police closed streets, most of them wearing the festive colour of Green. There was plenty to see as floats were decorated with Shamrocks, Clovers and a few Pots of Gold.

Passing Float & Leprechaun

      The weather was cold, rainy, and cloudy, but the parade showed no signs of slowing. Some Irish Trivia you may be unaware of is, Toronto claims 10% of it's population to Irish Heritage.  The parade itself represented both Irish Culture and Toronto's Diversity perfectly. Those who participated in the parade consisted of Toronto Firemen, Veteran Soldiers, and even a leprechaun dancing away. Everybody came out to support, despite what race or culture many saw the parade as a perfect excuse to come together. One woman watching the parade said, "This is my first month in the city of Toronto, and I just wanted to be a part of the celebration!"

Passing Parade Supporters

Graham Irish Dancers

      The music from each passing convoy filled the streets with music, and cheer..... and aside from that it was just plain fun. Children danced on the sidelines as those who were too old for dancing, smiled with content.  We don't dye our rivers green, but the city of Toronto sure knows how to celebrate the luck of the Irish.  All funds raised, were donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank.


-Tristan Lettieri

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