No Pants Subway Ride Toronto

No Pants Sunday

By: Mamta Ramkissoon


Last Sunday was Toronto’s 17th annual “No Pants Subway Ride”.

Despite a windchill of -6, participants took off their pants and boarded subway trains at Dundas station in their underwear!

Paddy Jane the Event coordinator who has been an active participant of the “No Pants Subway Ride” for five years and even calls herself the “No Pants Captain” stated that you can’t always be in “pants prison” and that the event is a way to be open minded and bring out the fun in people.






This event began in 2002 in New York City hosted by an “ImprovAnywhere” group that initially started as a prank between 7 friends. By 2006 there were at least 150 participants carrying on the fun. Now in 2019 people in places all over the world ride the subway in their underwear on January 13th. There has been people in Canada, The States even London and Berlin continuing the silly tradition.

Despite the cold weather people participating weren’t afraid to show up their fun and colorful outfits that they put together for the event.


The itinerary for the event was:

-3:00 p.m, meet at the Eaton Centre Dundas St entrance

-3:20 p.m Everyone remove their pants and depart to Dundas Station

  • All riders would then ride the subway from Dundas Station to Dufferin Station in their underwear.

– 3:50 p.m there will be a march from Dufferin Station to a local bar where they would be having their “No Pants After Party

-4:00 p.m No Pants After Party.


While other TTC riders were shocked, some even took their phones out to take pictures the No Pants Crew were still enjoying themselves and are ready for next year!

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