E-bikes and Scooters Coming to Toronto

By: Simona Di Nardo


Robert Mondandi is a college student who lives in Vaughan, but he loves going downtown to visit his grandparents. He could take the new subway or call an uber, but he’d rather ride a bike to get more exercise. He may soon have another option. When Uber comes out with e-bikes he says he would love to rent one.

Stephanie Guccardi  is a student at Humber College who loves to go for walks and get the exercise she needs. She says that by Uber adding e-bikes for transportation will be a great addition.

Last year Uber bought Jump, an electric bike sharing company.  In the U.S. Uber is charging riders two dollars for the first 30 minutes per ride and  77 cents a minute after that. In October another e-bike sharing company,  Lime, ran an e-scooter pilot project in Waterloo.   America has their E-scooters in the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. Uber has not released a date to when E-riders will be launched in Canada.

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