Canadian Federal Election: How Do We Know Who’s Telling the Truth?

Source: Postmedia

By: Zara Ali

The media landscape is known for having an increase in fake news. So how do we know who’s telling the truth? The National Observer is trying to help Canadians decipher what’s fake news in the midst of this election period. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you distinguish what you can trust…

  1. Verify the source you’re getting your information from
  2. Check the facts, are there other sources with the same information
  3. Quality, does the story make sense, is there a clear objective
  4. Talk about it with other people and see if they have the same information

How it’s showing up in the federal election

We know that over the year’s parties have promised many things to get elected, some being fake news. In this year’s election we’ve come across such events that give random sources a chance to spread false information. SAY News has put together a highlight of each parties fake claims on each other.

Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party claimed that the Liberal Party are applying 50 per cent tax on home-buyers after a year of ownership. The Conservatives put a document on their hidden home tax website.

Are you able to differentiate this as right or wrong?

Justin Trudeau posted a tweet denying these claims. The Liberal Party does not have any kind of promise on their platform to implement 50 per cent tax on houses.

That wasn’t the only attack on the Liberal Party. Canada Proud also tweeted saying that Justin Trudeau is somehow re-elected.

Now is this a tweet you would trust, when the election hasn’t even happened yet?

The New Democratic Party also wrote on their Instagram page that the Green party don’t have enough health care, affordability and woman’s right to choose promise on their platform.

However the Green Party corrected that post saying the real threat is the Conservative Party.

If you spot more fake news. tweet to us @SayNewsNow with the hashtag #fakenews2019.

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